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All it takes is a little bit of snow to SHUT DOWN Virginia Beach. - Manufacturing Maternal Instinct?

About All it takes is a little bit of snow to SHUT DOWN Virginia Beach.

Previous Entry All it takes is a little bit of snow to SHUT DOWN Virginia Beach. Dec. 16th, 2010 @ 02:01 pm Next Entry
Hello journal, it has been forever, huh?  I'm thinking about trying to do this often again.  I mean, I have so much free time and I'm wasting it on extra sleep.  I never thought there would come a day when too much sleep pissed me off, but I'm telling you now...  oversleeping is the worst, most addicting habit of all times.  All it does to you is make you extra lethargic and not accomplish anything.  And it really kills your body - the whole thing fucking aches.  Deadly sin of the year?  Definitely Sloth.  Well...  actually, the two sins of this year have been Gluttony and Sloth.  I will try to fix it for next year.

Ah...  that's what must be inspiring me.  The coming of the new year.  I can't believe what things have changed this year, but it's still not all right.  Something major is missing and I need a more complete change.  Something more for me.  Of course, what I need is to focus a little more and get a job...  just as soon as I can slaughter G and S.

But this year...  I did accomplish a lot.  I ditched the soul-sucker controlling boyfriend, got the man of my dreams back (incredibly enough), maintained a 4.0 for my Masters Degree (although I still don't have the actually damn thing on paper because of loan issues), and I moved out of my house for the first time!

There are also some bad things.  Ditching Mr. Control led me to go a little out of control.  Without constant supervision, apparently I am a wild party child who will stop at nothing to let loose.  I started smoking cigarettes pretty much on the regular... and I drank....  A LOT.  When I mean a lot, I mean I pretty much could have signed into AA this year if I gave a shit about that.  I also gained my weight back...  but that's not so bad.  My boyfriend now compliments me on my body every waking chance he gets, so I have gotten used to not being all too upset that my pretty little clothes don't fit me as well as they used to.  (Went from around 115-118 to 125-130 ...  not THAT big of a noticeable change - most people said I looked unhealthy before-hand...  except for my ex who had to make the statement: "Oh, you think she's pretty now? - you should have seen her while we were dating!"  Jackass.)  And even though I had such a strong work ethic at the beginning of the year...  I am now suffering from my yearly backslide into wintry depression and lethargy.

But it might be ok.  I might be able to fight it.  The new year is coming...  and that leads me to change myself every year.  Seriously, I don't think anyone takes New Year's to heart as much as I do.  New beginnings = change for me,  And so this year I have to start that changing process.  Resolutions will be set beforehand...  and the New Year will go nicely as planned.

Oh...  and I will begin to write again, starting today (of course).  And it should be an interesting delight...  because I - for the first time - moved into a brand new state, over 400 miles away from my beautiful Long Island life, with my military boyfriend (who actually hates the military and his job... which is comedic to me)... and I have pretty much no money, no job (yet), and I don't know anyone here.

So, my friends out there...  let the adventures begin!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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